Online and offline Bazaar to our customers:
People who are not able to place orders online through website/app can now place their orders with us on a phone call! just by sharing the list of items to be purchased. We provide easy and Hassle free services at your door step.

Increased availability of products and services:
With products and services listed online, our local vendors & service providers have a better chance to reach out to their customers and promote their businesses in a bigger platform. Your products and services are constantly visible as our e-commerce platforms offer online listings and price comparisons. As websites are visual, online platform will also give you limitless opportunities to present your items in an aesthetically pleasing way and stand out from the crowd.

Simplified buying process:
Customers can place an order on our website/app directly after searching for an item online, without leaving home or interacting with a salesperson/local vendors/service providers. Consumers expect goods to be available instantly and our store will answer that need. As an e-commerce platform we are here to meet their daily requirements through online and offline and give them what they are looking for.

Great deals and offers:
One can avail free home delivery by sharing the referral card to friends and family members. One lucky customer will be selected from each district every month from Karnataka. The lucky customer will get a cash back of one month on his/her purchase.
Customers can grab the deal during the stock clearance sale at an attractive discount